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  • As the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of superior hydronic solutions, Altecnic is committed to significantly investing in new technology to bring innovative products to market. As part of the global Caleffi organisation, Altecnic offers a comprehensive range of internationally accredited plumbing and heating products which meet all current UK and European standards. Our products and services have been chosen by trade merchants, plumbing and heating engineers, specifiers and original equipment manufacturers for over 30 years. Heat Networks Our extensive range, includes products for systems with centralised domestic water storage, instantaneous apartment based domestic water generation and apartment based combined cylinders and exchange units. The latest SmartSat® intelligent heat interface units, the SATK range, take apartment heat interface units to the next level. Utilising electronic control, it enables many significant features not found on other units, for example, modulating primary heating circuit flow temperatures on both direct and indirect heating versions, return temperature limitation, primary flow rate limitation, remote Modbus control, configurable preheat, remote unit isolation, via the internet and a safety pump bypass. Their compact size and insulated enclosure mean that they’re easy to locate and extremely efficient. Each SmartSat® HIU can be installed with a variety of energy meters, all MID approved and capable of communicating by MBus or radio for remote data collection and billing. Altecnic also offers a PLURIMOD consumer unit or apartment control module and remote metering module, intended for installation outside of the apartment and containing all the necessary meters, strainers and isolation equipment required to monitor and control individual apartments.