Baxi Heating

  • Address Brooks House, Coventry Road, Warwick, United Kingdom, CV34 4LL
  • Phone Residential 0344 871 1545 Commercial 0345 070 1055
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  • Baxi Heating is a sustainable business, committed to supporting the energy transition towards a zero carbon economy. We advocate a collaborative approach, focusing on high efficiency domestic and commercial heating and hot water solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Our dedicated teams support our customers throughout the lifetime of our products – and beyond. We’ll provide technical help and advice, practical training, service and maintenance, warranties and genuine parts. We have a long history of bringing innovative and ground-breaking products to market and are passionate about our business, our products and the services we deliver. Our current portfolio of products includes domestic and commercial gas boilers; domestic electric boilers; gas fired commercial water heaters; electric water heaters; drinking water; domestic and commercial hot water storage cylinders; combined heat and power (CHP); heat pumps; heat interface units; mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR); waste water heat recovery (SHRU); prefabricated plant rooms and skids; controls and digital solutions. We have a strong research and development platform and the financial strength of BDR Thermea Group means we make considerable capital investment to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. We and are actively involved with designing products that will take us into the zero carbon future.