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  • • Frese A/S is a Danish manufacturer and supplier of components, equipment and solutions for District Energy Networks including: • Pressure, temperature and flow control valves for the dynamic balancing of heat networks • Controllers, drives and sensors to enable remote monitoring and control of heating and cooling distribution networks • Pre-insulated ball valves for district heating and cooling networks • Frese Ltd has been promoting, supplying components and equipment to installers, OEMs and system integrators as well as providing system design and aftermarket support to specifiers, installers and heat network operators in the UK since 2004 based on the following technologies: • Frese manufactured components and solutions for dynamic and digital balancing • Heat interface units and district heating & cooling substations • Energy meters, plate heat exchangers, service valves and motorised valves • Frese District Energy is a sector focussed business unit within the Frese Group and utilises experience gained from supplying equipment into 45 countries including Danish district heating networks since 1987 and Middle Eastern district cooling networks since 2000.