Who are we and what do we do?

MEHNA has been formed as a division of the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) with the aim of representing the equipment manufacturers involved with all aspects of a heat network.

EUA has eight divisions and six of them have an involvement in the supply of equipment for heat networks:

  • ICOM Energy Association (commercial and industrial sector) – Boilers, Water Heaters, CHP, HIUs
  • HHIC (domestic sector) – HIUs
  • UN (Utility Network) – Pipes, Valves, Metering
  • HWA (Hot Water Association) – HIUs, Storage Cylinders
  • MARC (Manufacturers' Association of Radiators and Convectors) - Radiators, Convectors
  • ESTA (Energy Services and Technology Association) - Energy Management

These six divisions represent their members on many CEN and BSI standards committees for product and installation standards as well as being the contact with Government Departments, Institutions, and other official bodies such as OFGEM. It became obvious that there was a need for a single voice for the heat network equipment sector and during a joint meeting of the divisions listed above, members decided to form MEHNA. We have represented the members of the above associations for many years by having an input to writing the documents and policies and we will continue to do that with MEHNA.

MEHNA was formed in 2018, but we have been representing the members of the above associations for many decades and our skills are based in product design and how to use standards and regulations to give protection to our members. We represent all the products which go together to form a heat network and we do not intend becoming too involved in the policy and will be working alongside and supporting ADE and ukDEA and their involvement in the sector.

The MEHNA membership is partially made up of existing members of the other divisions, together with new members who have joined MEHNA in their own right. We are working hard to expand the membership to give a broader input and to strengthen the voice of the sector and are pleased with the response that we have already received. We are in discussion with a number of manufacturers who market a wide range of products used in heat networks who, without exception, agree that MEHNA is important to protect our sector of the industry. 

Membership is open to any company who markets products or services to the heat network sector and we would be pleased to visit and discuss the benefits of membership related to specific product areas.